Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing the Love ~ Londyn Beanie Giveaway

Thank you all so much for sharing the love on facebook in honor of my daughter's benign biopsy results ! As you can imagine, as a parent waiting for these type of results is difficult to say the least. One would think that is gets easier considering this is not the first time we have waited for biopsy results and have cancer checkups every other month but it does not get easier and I am just as much of a nervous wreck each time around.

The following is the list of people that posted "shared" at the end of the list will be the screen print with the number chosen.

  1. J. Bunker
  2. J. Shepherd
  3. A. Whittard
  4. Too Cute to Be Used Resale
  5. J. Talbot
  6. C. Torres
  7. C. Beauparlant
  8. Sarah Lewis
  9. B. Simon
  10. J. White Dyck
  11. C. Struss
  12. C. McMahon
  13. D. Klassen
  14. A. Lassard
  15. K. Bremner
  16. E. Kaczkowski
  17. Lirome Creations
  18. R. Cattani
  19. M. Borkowska Lee
  20. J. Lambert
  21. Jenn Lambert Photography
  22. C. Meadows
  23. T. Lorencz
  24. Forever Princess by Kristen
  25. S. McKeage
  26. K. Robertson-Poirier
  27. J. Fulford
  28.  J. Toulany
  29. A. Johnson
  30. M. Lovelee
  31. Katie Ellement Photography
  32. Kayla Hall
  33. L. Serbinski
  34. N. Gerbrandt
  35. D. Swinemar
  36. S. Coates-Welsh
  37. Leanne Bennett
  38. J. Campione
  39. J. Mushaluk
  40. Carson Abbie Closet
  41. H. Stenberg
  42. L. Malley
  43. C. James
  44. F. Carreiro
  45. C. Thibeault
  46. A. Guyot
  47. N. Monkman
  48. A. Swinemar
  49. B. Merrill
  50. D. Dalesandro
  51. J. Plumer-Goldman
  52. K. Kurylo
  53. D. Carlotto
  54. A. Honeyman
 AND THE WINNER IS....................... 

#34 N. Gerbrandt ~ Congratulations !! 
Please e-mail me at and let me know the size and colors you would like for your hat.

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