Monday, July 9, 2012

Canada Day

With all the changes on facebook, it has been hard to reach the fans that I did prior to the timeline takeover. They claim the more active you are on a page, you will receive updates on a regular basis. After experimenting, I found this was not the case. I know I do not see posts from pages I am active on daily and ones that I am rarely on, I see updates. I have also had friends and clients advise me that they do have not seen posts from me for a good couple weeks at a time. I also noticed that if I make a post, not related to my page, it gets seen 10x more than a post I make that is related to my page. I feel that facebook is purposely "hiding" our posts in an attempt to lure us into paying so our posts can be seen. This is very frustrating as a small business owner, however, there is not much we can do -  I am not going to loose any sleep over it.

Anyways ~ for those of you that saw the Canada Day Post and Share and did share, thank you so very much ! I did not reach the share goal I had set out for but as promised would still like to do something for those of you that did share. (I had a few clients advise me that the post was just showing up in their news feed on July 8)

The follow are the winners chosen via Please claim your winnings by e-mailing me at within 24 hours from the time of the post on July 9, 2012.

Winner #1 ~ a $25 gift certificate: Eileen Richardson (#5)
Winner #2 ~ a $15 gift certificate: Marlene Taylor Scott (#20)
Winner #3 ~ a set of three petite bloom headbands with hand sewn pearls on a skinny band (Value $15) Katie Element Photography (#9)
Winner #4 ~ a headband OR tie (Value $12): Lise Bacon (#25)

  1. Teresa Hall Maxon
  2. Teresa Hall Maxon
  3. Karla Rae Krekoski (twitter)
  4. Karla Rae Krekoski  (fb)
  5. Eileen Richardson
  6. Camera Creatures
  7. Ashley Shae honeyman
  8. Tania Moher
  9. Katie Element Photography
  10. Holly Mahon
  11. Andrea Ferguson
  12. Jaimie Hutlet
  13. Lisa Neilson
  14. Scattered Rings
  15. Amy Whittard
  16. Kayla Blanchette
  17. Maise Miller
  18. Kathy Kellum Taylor
  19. Lisa Wilson Pimentel
  20. Marlene Taylor Scott
  21. Natascha Renee Reimer
  22. Brandy Caple
  23. Fathima Shaara
  24. Caleigh McCreery
  25. Lisa Bacon