Sunday, September 1, 2013


After alot of thought, going back and forth and not sure what to do........ I have decided to temporarily de-activate my facebook page sometime in September. I am going to try to aim to  re-open the page sometime in November.

I am busier than ever with orders, so you may be wondering why I would do this?? With my daughter's surgeries, hospital visits every other day, a new baby, my other children and life in general, things have been extra hectic. Maintaining my facebook page and responding to e-mails alone takes up a minimum of 4 hours per day. This is 4 hours less working on orders, 4 hours less with my kids and although I do not sleep much as it is, I do need sleep. I wish I could stay up 24/7 and split myself into 10 in order to get everything accomplished. Since I am booked solid for many weeks and having to turn away so many people (this makes me sad, I wish I had more than two hands) - it only made sense for the time being to shut the page down.

Thank you so much to all of my clients. All of which have been so amazing. Thank you for trusting me with making you some amazing creations for your children, grandchildren, friends, as gifts, photoprops etc. Thank you for being so understanding, and patient. It's hard to be the only one trying to run a business. I don't have the luxury of having employees.  I do not have an assistant who answers my emails and phone calls.  I don't get sick days, vacation, and very rarely do I actually abide by my "business hours." I'm the designer, creator,  the accountant, marketing, shipper, receiver, purchaser etc etc, (I think you get the point, I do it all)  and all the while being a mom and wife. I know I get behind and forget things from time to time. I try my very best to stay on top of things, but I am only human and I am not afraid to admit I do make mistakes. There are times my organizational skills are less than stellar, yet somehow I remember where I put everything! I'm not sure I will ever catch up on laundry, dusting, tiding up and there always seems to be at least a few dishes in my sink and my house astray! My job never ends, in either career. But I enjoy every moment of it.

So again, thank you! You are all amazingly wonderful! I also look forward to working with all my faithful clients and the many new ones to come. I love what I do, and feel blessed to be able to do what I love, contribute to the house financial and most importantly stay home with my fabulous children and to be able to enjoy every little moment in their lives. Life really is amazing isn't it?! I certainly think so.

While I am away, I will still answer e-mails however, this will be sporadic - I will try to be online at least once a week. If you do not hear from me within a week, please send me a reminder - I may not have received your initial e-mail, I am not ignoring you and do not think of the reminders as harassment.

If you have an existing order, no fear - I will work on it and it will be shipped or ready for pick up as discussed. If there will be any delays, I will be sure to send you an e-mail to the address I have on file. During surgeries and while in recovery, I will not be online at all until my daughter is home and well.

I look forward to talking to you all again soon ~ until then, take care and as always, no matter what you may find yourself doing - Make It Count !!

Much love,

Monday, August 12, 2013

iPad for Londyn

Words cannot even begin to express how grateful we are to each and everyone of you that made getting Londyn a new iPad to help keep her comfortable at the hospital during her multiple weekly treatments and during her hospitals stays after surgery.

I am still overwhelmed and speechless that so many of you came together for my little girl and in 1.5 hours exceeded our $500 goal and contributed a grand total of $565.. WOW...... AMAZING !!

It took everything in me to suck up my pride and ask for help. I have never been one to ask for anything and have always done everything on my own - asking for help always seemed to me as if I would come across as weak, or less of a mom/person or a beggar. It is still a struggle and to those of you whom sent such kind and uplifting messages - thank you ! You made this "weak" mom feel so much better.

Anyways.. I presented Londyn with her iPad today... oh my.... she was floored and over the moon ecstatic. I will forever have the imprint of her reaction and wee voice in my head. This would not have been possible without your big hearts and generosity. I will forever be grateful.

With the money raised I bought her the follow:
  1. Of course the iPad - white, 4th generation
  2. A pink stylus
  3. A purple military great cover (the one shown in the picture is pink and we returned it as it was only the front cover and it was soft) - they did not have a pink but her second favorite color is purple.
  4. A zagg invisible shield for the screen
The grand total: $562.75

With the $2.25 left over, I bought her a strawberry snapple and skittles !! The money was for her and every last penny was spent on her.

She loved when I read the card with all her angels names in it.

I asked her, "if you could see all your angels in person, what would you say or do"?

She replied, "I would say, Thank You forever" and give them hugs. I have the best angels. (I cannot argue with that, she certainly does have the best angels)

Below are some of the pictures as well as a picture of the card !

The message on the card reads:

Everything that happens in life is a gift. Even as you struggle through this difficult time, you are gaining strength and wisdom that will help you further down the road...Remember, no matter what happens, you'll always have people who care for you.

I added:

Miss Londyn, enjoy your new iPad sweet girl

Lots of love:
Your Angel Friends xo  (each and everyone of your names is listed)

So sorry for the blurry picture, I grabbed my camera quickly and was trembling so bad. No amount of vibration reduction could handle my trembling. But you can still see the look on her face... she could not have a bigger smile. For me, my iPad, my iPad, is this really mine... hooray, she says.

Giving her iPad a hug !
Instantly turning it on........

Wasting no time, already playing with it !

Again, from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! I feel like a broken record but I have no idea what else to say. I have never been great at finding the words to truly express what I am thinking and feeling and sometimes there just aren't enough words in the English language to do so... this would be one of those times. My heart is so full !

Much love to you now and always,

Friday, March 8, 2013

52 Week Money Challenge ~

Late last year I had made a post about cutting back on my beloved coffee from Tim Horton's to save up for a new Nikon D800. Spending on average of about $400 a month on coffee is a little extreme but in order to cut back I need to challenge myself, give myself a goal... a new camera was certainly goal enough for me. For the most part I have been pretty good at trying to limit my Tim's coffee and am almost 1/2 way to my goal.. hooray !

I have also started a new challenge after coming across a weekly money saving challenge earlier this year. This one in my opinion is way easier!! My husband and I have both taken on this challenge and in the end, the reward... a trip for just the two of us. Something that is long overdue.. we are looking forward to it.

So I would like to challenge you all to this 52 week challenge, whether you want a new camera or lens, pay a bill, buy new shoes, go on a trip or simply put it into a savings account etc... it is a realistic challenge that everyone can do.

Below is a chart.. I believe some of the calculations are off a little (I did not make this chart) but you get the idea.

Good Luck to all of you whom take the challenge, I would love to hear what you are saving for ! You can do it ~