Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sharing the Love ~ Londyn Beanie Giveaway

Thank you all so much for sharing the love on facebook in honor of my daughter's benign biopsy results ! As you can imagine, as a parent waiting for these type of results is difficult to say the least. One would think that is gets easier considering this is not the first time we have waited for biopsy results and have cancer checkups every other month but it does not get easier and I am just as much of a nervous wreck each time around.

The following is the list of people that posted "shared" at the end of the list will be the screen print with the number chosen.

  1. J. Bunker
  2. J. Shepherd
  3. A. Whittard
  4. Too Cute to Be Used Resale
  5. J. Talbot
  6. C. Torres
  7. C. Beauparlant
  8. Sarah Lewis
  9. B. Simon
  10. J. White Dyck
  11. C. Struss
  12. C. McMahon
  13. D. Klassen
  14. A. Lassard
  15. K. Bremner
  16. E. Kaczkowski
  17. Lirome Creations
  18. R. Cattani
  19. M. Borkowska Lee
  20. J. Lambert
  21. Jenn Lambert Photography
  22. C. Meadows
  23. T. Lorencz
  24. Forever Princess by Kristen
  25. S. McKeage
  26. K. Robertson-Poirier
  27. J. Fulford
  28.  J. Toulany
  29. A. Johnson
  30. M. Lovelee
  31. Katie Ellement Photography
  32. Kayla Hall
  33. L. Serbinski
  34. N. Gerbrandt
  35. D. Swinemar
  36. S. Coates-Welsh
  37. Leanne Bennett
  38. J. Campione
  39. J. Mushaluk
  40. Carson Abbie Closet
  41. H. Stenberg
  42. L. Malley
  43. C. James
  44. F. Carreiro
  45. C. Thibeault
  46. A. Guyot
  47. N. Monkman
  48. A. Swinemar
  49. B. Merrill
  50. D. Dalesandro
  51. J. Plumer-Goldman
  52. K. Kurylo
  53. D. Carlotto
  54. A. Honeyman
 AND THE WINNER IS....................... 

#34 N. Gerbrandt ~ Congratulations !! 
Please e-mail me at and let me know the size and colors you would like for your hat.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4000 FANS

Thank you all for your continued support, I have now reached 4000 fans.

Below are the list of names of the people and/or pages that shared my page to help me to get to 4000 as well as fan #4000. If you shared more than once (i.e personal page, business page, blog etc) your name with be entered according to the number of pages/sites you shared on.
  1. Kendra Monk
  2. Christie Anderson Meadows
  3. Dayna Cote Photography and Design
  4.  Sunny S-h
  5. Sunny S-H Photography
  6. Kaylee Kurylo
  7. Michelle Hasanovic
  8. Charlene Simundson
  9. Corey Jonasson
  10. Peggy Colon
  11. Keri Scurfield
  12. Stacey Coates- Welsh
  13.  Holly Mahon
  14. Kayla Blanchette
  15. Adrienne Rudolph
  16. Jamie Noordman
  17. Tammy Cannon
  18. Cindy Balkwill
  19. Rock That Shot Baby Props
  20. Christine Wheeler
  21. Christine Kaplar
  22. Jamie Pescitelli
  23. Shannon Allen
  24. Kristy Arbeau-Figler
  25. Sherry Anne
  26. Yesenia Tuckwiller
  27. Andrea Young
  28. Point of You Photography
  29. Jaimie Hutlet
  30. Tiffany Trump
  31. Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie
  32. Erica Wood
  33. Becca Aubertin FB Page
  34. Becca Aubertin ~ Blog
  35. Dayna Cote
  36. Rebecca Lopez 4000th FAN

 AND THE WINNER IS...............

#17 Tammy Cannon ~ Congratulations and thank you for sharing !
Please e-mail me to claim your $25 gift card to be used towards your purchase in my shop.

My next milestone goal is 5000 fans. I have big plans for this one... right now it looks like and estimated $500 in items and products from me. These with be items made my me, new items I will be adding to my product line, items I have ordered just for this milestone celebration and.... it is hard to say what else I may add. More information to be posted the closer I get to 5000 fans !

Have a blessed day ~

Saturday, April 7, 2012

APRIL ~ Love, Loss and Celebration !

April ... always my favorite month ~ Spring has arrived, no snow (usually) and everything is blooming AND it is my birthday month. This month is special to as we are now home from the hospital and my daughter's surgery went well. She will be home to celebrate with me. She did so well and is so strong and never lost her smile even with a head full of staples and sutures. After surgery and once we were settled in her room, the nurser had asked her if she wanted a princess sticker. The nurse named a few princess' and Miss. L said no to them all, so the nurse asked her which one she wanted and Londyn said, "Princess Shayna". The nurse looked confused and I teared up.. Shayna is my oldest daughter, her sister. They have such an amazing and close bond. It was a very special moment.

This year I will have a fundraiser/auction and donate the monies raised to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of my Dad. All items will be made by me and each one special to my dad and I. I was hoping to do it this month but it may happen in early May. I will keep you posted. Most items will be new items, made specially for this auction !!

I was also hoping to reach 5000 fans for my birthday but not sure that will happen as I have been a little quiet, so much going on and as always, work is keeping me busy. But once I do reach the 5000 fans... we will celebrate. Off course items from me including some new creations, a few special items I have ordered just for this and... hhhmmm we shall have to wait and see what else I can come up with. My brain is always on overdrive... so it is hard to say what I may come up with at 4am. :-)

I also hope to be able to have bi-weekly RTS (ready to ship) items to offer come May. The demand for my items has continued to remain very high, which affects my lead times and sometimes waiting is not always an option. These RTS items will eliminate the lead time wait and will be sent out immediately after payment.

I hope everyone has an awesome Spring!

Have a blessed day ~

I cannot take credit for making the below item, I thought it was neat and I had to share. (This is a great idea, I may just have to make one.. I love wood working too) My was my hero and first love.