Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4000 FANS

Thank you all for your continued support, I have now reached 4000 fans.

Below are the list of names of the people and/or pages that shared my page to help me to get to 4000 as well as fan #4000. If you shared more than once (i.e personal page, business page, blog etc) your name with be entered according to the number of pages/sites you shared on.
  1. Kendra Monk
  2. Christie Anderson Meadows
  3. Dayna Cote Photography and Design
  4.  Sunny S-h
  5. Sunny S-H Photography
  6. Kaylee Kurylo
  7. Michelle Hasanovic
  8. Charlene Simundson
  9. Corey Jonasson
  10. Peggy Colon
  11. Keri Scurfield
  12. Stacey Coates- Welsh
  13.  Holly Mahon
  14. Kayla Blanchette
  15. Adrienne Rudolph
  16. Jamie Noordman
  17. Tammy Cannon
  18. Cindy Balkwill
  19. Rock That Shot Baby Props
  20. Christine Wheeler
  21. Christine Kaplar
  22. Jamie Pescitelli
  23. Shannon Allen
  24. Kristy Arbeau-Figler
  25. Sherry Anne
  26. Yesenia Tuckwiller
  27. Andrea Young
  28. Point of You Photography
  29. Jaimie Hutlet
  30. Tiffany Trump
  31. Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie
  32. Erica Wood
  33. Becca Aubertin FB Page
  34. Becca Aubertin ~ Blog
  35. Dayna Cote
  36. Rebecca Lopez 4000th FAN

 AND THE WINNER IS...............

#17 Tammy Cannon ~ Congratulations and thank you for sharing !
Please e-mail me to claim your $25 gift card to be used towards your purchase in my shop.

My next milestone goal is 5000 fans. I have big plans for this one... right now it looks like and estimated $500 in items and products from me. These with be items made my me, new items I will be adding to my product line, items I have ordered just for this milestone celebration and.... it is hard to say what else I may add. More information to be posted the closer I get to 5000 fans !

Have a blessed day ~

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