Saturday, April 7, 2012

APRIL ~ Love, Loss and Celebration !

April ... always my favorite month ~ Spring has arrived, no snow (usually) and everything is blooming AND it is my birthday month. This month is special to as we are now home from the hospital and my daughter's surgery went well. She will be home to celebrate with me. She did so well and is so strong and never lost her smile even with a head full of staples and sutures. After surgery and once we were settled in her room, the nurser had asked her if she wanted a princess sticker. The nurse named a few princess' and Miss. L said no to them all, so the nurse asked her which one she wanted and Londyn said, "Princess Shayna". The nurse looked confused and I teared up.. Shayna is my oldest daughter, her sister. They have such an amazing and close bond. It was a very special moment.

This year I will have a fundraiser/auction and donate the monies raised to the Heart and Stroke Foundation in memory of my Dad. All items will be made by me and each one special to my dad and I. I was hoping to do it this month but it may happen in early May. I will keep you posted. Most items will be new items, made specially for this auction !!

I was also hoping to reach 5000 fans for my birthday but not sure that will happen as I have been a little quiet, so much going on and as always, work is keeping me busy. But once I do reach the 5000 fans... we will celebrate. Off course items from me including some new creations, a few special items I have ordered just for this and... hhhmmm we shall have to wait and see what else I can come up with. My brain is always on overdrive... so it is hard to say what I may come up with at 4am. :-)

I also hope to be able to have bi-weekly RTS (ready to ship) items to offer come May. The demand for my items has continued to remain very high, which affects my lead times and sometimes waiting is not always an option. These RTS items will eliminate the lead time wait and will be sent out immediately after payment.

I hope everyone has an awesome Spring!

Have a blessed day ~

I cannot take credit for making the below item, I thought it was neat and I had to share. (This is a great idea, I may just have to make one.. I love wood working too) My was my hero and first love.

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