Monday, October 29, 2012

Sweetest of Gestures

One day last week I was off to take my son to school, backing out of the driveway I noticed my steps full of packages, I had to stop and get them before we carried on to school - it was obvious what most of them were..... supplies, business cards, a Halloween costume etc but there was one package that caught my eye... a mystery package. It took every ounce of control in me not to open it while driving.......

I caved when we got to the school, I just could not wait any longer.

First I opened a sweet card with an additional message of amazing uplifting words in it.

The card read:

Lucky Me, Knowing You
 At just the right moment.....
at just
the perfect time...
just when
I really needed to know
there were still
caring and big-hearted people
in this world,
you came through.

So thankful for you.

I was already in tears before I read  the letter that was also in the card. It took me 4 tries before I read the entire message... I could not see through the tears. I think I scared my daughter... she had never seen me so emotional or cry so much.

I gained some control and opened the box.... oh my word.. the tears started to flow again..... no words needed to be spoken, the gift itself and the message it sent through my body -  powerful.

Enclosed in the box was a gorgeous art piece (shown below) ............ it came at the perfect time as my daughter has been recovering from surgery. I showed my little fighter what was in the box. All I said was "look at this" and instantly she replied, "mom, it is a trophy of me and you" For now the this is proudly displayed in my daughters room next to a maternity picture of her in my belly. It will eventually be displayed in the main part of my house for all to see. This piece will be treasured forever and the memories/message it holds - not only powerful but priceless.

This amazing gift came from a client., someone so very special in all aspects - I consider her a friend. A friend that is separated by distance but has come to be someone close to my heart. I hope to have the honor of meeting her one day in person.

Thank you "Gin" from the bottom of my heart ~ there are no words to describe how blessed and honored I feel to have you in my life - I am so glad our paths crossed... it was meant to be !!  There are no words adequate enough to describe how much I love and appreciate this gift, something my daughter and I will treasure always and forever and a constant reminder that no matter what we are faced with - LIFE IS WONDERFUL !

Across the miles, from me to you ~ BIG HUGS my friend !! xo

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  1. wow that's an amazing person who would send a surprise, you are truly amazing person who give all for your little girl, Even the business is aside but family is important! hope all is well with your little girl!