Friday, January 20, 2012

January 2012 Giveaway for Photographers

This month I decided I wanted to say Thank You by giving away one "Eye" Love You Monster hat. I was inspired one evening to make it as I was relaxing with my kids watching Monster's Inc. ~ we all love that movie !
It just made me smile and I had to share and hope that the smiles will be contagious~ smiles are my favorite, they are so simple yet say so much and really do go a long way.
Thank you all so much for your continued support and for sharing the smiles ~

The names have been listed below in the ordered the shared comments were received.

Thank you again everyone for sharing - I hope to something like this again in the near future !
  1. Axsys Design - Biana
  2. Sweetpea Photos by Kelly Morin
  3. SicaBelle's Photography - Jessica
  4. K. Tobin Video -Karina
  5. Sunny S-H Photography - Sunny
  6. Annie Jane Photgraphy
  7. Unforgetable Memories Photography - Melissa
  8. Mandy Wark Photography - Mandy
  9. Michelle Hansen Photgraphy
  10. A to Z Seen Photography - Alicia
  11. Erin J. Leslie Photography
  12. Bonnie Herschmiller Photography
  13. Baby Envy Photography - Kimi
  14. MD Lynch Photography
  15. JAB Photgraphy
  16. Creations Dial par Lori
  17. Through My Eyes Photography
  18. Michelle Weaver Photography
  19. Simply That Photography - Erin
  20. Photography by Shelley Roy
  21. Southwind Photography - Tammy
  22. Marsie Leighs Photography
  23. Chaotic Perspectives
  24. Shutterbug Photography

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