Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Few Favorites

I love how this little owl turned out and Sunny S-H Photography in Winnipeg, MB captured it's sleeping cuteness perfectly.

The top hats I make are some of my favorites and very popular - I hope to have the time to get a little more creative with them soon !
Thank you Southwind Photography in Prince Edward County Ontario for the perfect picture.

I love this apple hat, it was a special requset from a client and I loved it so much, I decided to add it to my Garden Fresh Line. Southwind Photography in Prince Edward County Ontario did an amazing job capturing the perfect picture, showcasing my apple hat beautifully.

This is my newest nesting wrap, open and airy, lots of texture and oh so soft. I love pods/nesting bowls/eggs (whatever you want to call it) and they are so popular but I wanted something that would not completely hide the baby. Jennifer from Jennifer Mohar Photography in Ontario captured the perfect picture of this new design.

Cake Smash Hat and Matching Diaper Cover - a fairly new item to my shop. The requests for these have been huge and I hope to have some more time come December 2011 to create some more. This particular set was a request from a local mom for her son's first birthday. Photograph by Sour Puss Photography in Winnipeg, MB

Ties ~ As a mother of a son, I know how hard it is to find items for boys. My ties have become very popular, not only with photographers but with parents as well for their son's everyday and special occassion wardrobe. I am working very hard to create more things for boys - as always, the only thing holding me back from new designs is good old time.
Christy from Visions to Images Photography in Georgia captured the perfect picture of this little rocker in my skull tie.

Little Man Fedora - hooray for another boy item. I receive so many requests for boy items and  the requests for a fedora have been huge that I found the time to make one. I love the end result - it turned out perfectly! As always Sunny S-H Photography in Winnipeg, MB captured the perfect picture.

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